Office 365 - Share Only the subsite in SharePoint Online

If you want to restrict an external user to accessing a regular sub-site and the external user should not have the permission accessing to other sub-sites or the parent site. You can do this by following - 1. Go to the sub-site and enter the permission settings page. As you described previously, the sub-site does not inherit permissions from the parent site. 2. Create a new group, add the external user into this group and grant permission to this group you want. Also, you can grant the permission to the external user directly. 3. When you invite an external user, the user shows up in the “Team Site Members” or “Team Site Visitors” group. Therefore, you need to remove the user from the group. The external user is not in the “Team Site Members” or “Team Site Visitors” group. Then the external user would only have the permission accessing the regular sub-site.


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