Sharepoint 2013 Apps Advantages and Disadvantages

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages are listed in this post. Enjoy!! Pros : ◦Protects data since they run as isolated ◦Avoids security breaches ◦Controlled Security access per App ◦Deployed to own App Web ◦Different Hosted options. ◦Easier to upgrade. ◦Advantage is that the Code is out of sharepoint ◦Reduction of server outages and downtown ◦Admins can Monitor apps ◦Multiple development platforms supported for creating Apps ◦Apps will work with Cross device Corns : ◦Need to Create a Subsite to install App ◦You need new Dns entry for each App (if required) ◦Corporate catalog is paid or needs to be purchased ◦Aps cannot talk to each other


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