Create a Contact Us Form with CallOuts in SharePoint 2013

There is a great example of Creating Contact Us Form with CallOuts at

SharePoint 2013 Contact Us Form

The example is quick and it works best when you need to add a Feedback form on multiple pages in your new SharePoint application.

Download the script and try it out from the link @

SharePoint 2013 Usage Reports

SharePoint 2013 writes usage and health data to the logging folder and to the logging database. You can use the SharePoint Central Administration website to configure health data collection settings.

Usage reports allow you to track activity on pages through number of hits and number of unique users for a site or site collection on a daily and monthly basis.

The new Analytics Processing Component generates two reports that are based on usage event types:

  • Popularity Trends shows usage event statistics for a site collection, a site, or an individual item in a library or list.
  • Most Popular Items shows usage event statistics for all items in a library or list.

The reports are broken down per usage event type. The default usage event types are as follows:

  • Views. The number of views for a single item, page or document.
  • Recommendations Displayed. The number of times a single item, page or document was displayed as a recommendation.
  • Recommendations Clicked. The number of times s single item, page or document was clicked when it was displayed as a recommendation.

If you have added any custom usage event types, these will also be displayed.

Cannot Check In multiple documnets in SharePoint 2013

Today I have a quick tip for you. If you’re looking for reason why you have the “Check In” button disabled\Grayed Out in SharePoint 2013, here is the quick explanation to that –

You probably have selected one or more documents from your document Library and looking to Check them In using the “Check In” button in the Ribbon.
SharePoint 2013 Check In

If you have the above button disabled simply scroll through the entire library view and make sure that you have not inadvertently selected a file that was already checked in.

See the below screen where we selected one of the Checked In files and the Check In button is Grayed Out (which BTW totally make sense).

Share Point 2013 Checked In Grayed Out

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SharePoint 2013 Tips!

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How add logo in a SharePoint 2013 Existing Master Page

How add logo in SharePoint 2013 Master Page. If you are looking to edit an existing Master Page you can make a copy of it and then edit in Notepad to Change the logo. Lets look at the

Steps -

1. Download a Copy of existing "Seattle.master" from the Master Page gallery.

SharePoint 2013 Download Seattle Master Page

2. Next, Open  “Custom_Seattle.master” file in the editor of your Choice. You can use Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer or Notepad to open and edit it.

In the Designer or Notepad Change the Following -

To Change the Site Logo look for -
<SharePoint:SiteLogoImage CssClass=”ms-siteicon-img” name=”onetidHeadbnnr0″ id=”onetidHeadbnnr2″ LogoImageUrl=”/_layouts/15/images/siteIcon.png?rev=23″ runat=”server”>
Change the LogoImageUrl to whatever Logo you want to display in your Site.Make sure you add a relative url for the Logo Image.
Resulting Snippet-
<SharePoint:SiteLogoImage CssClass=”ms-siteicon-img” name=”onetidHeadbnnr0″ id=”onetidHeadbnnr2″ LogoImageUrl=”/PublishingImages/LearningSharePoint_logo.png” runat=”server”>

See the entire post at Edit Existing Master Page to Change Logo, Hide Top Suite Links etc in SharePoint 2013

How to turn off newsfeed on SharePoint 2013

 I was asked a question about how to turn off newsfeed on SharePoint 2013 and disable all Follow Options. 
The answer is simple Disable "Following Content feature” and “Site Feeds feature” site features on the Team site.

Remove\Disable CallOut in SharePoint 2013 List or Library

I saw this very Interesting Post at about Disabling CallOuts for a Column in SharePoint 2013 List. Check the Original article or see below for brief description

For any Field that displays CallOuts two properties are set – one to show the CallOut Popup link and other to set if the displaying CallOut is even allowed for a Field or not.

SPField.CalloutMenu - This property gets or sets an indication of whether the field shows a link to the Callout menu. In other words, If this property is true the link to the CallOut (i.e. ‘…’) is displayed. If set to False the link is not shown.

SPField.CalloutMenuAllowed - This property gets or sets an indication of whether showing the callout menu in the field is allowed, prohibited, or is optional and determined by the CalloutMenu property.

You can Create a Custom Field type with “SPField.CalloutMenuAllowed” as disabled and use this custom field instead of the Out of Box to hide the CallOut.

Another workaround method is defined at Hide CallOuts in a SharePoint 2013 Task List

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