SharePoint UNC Path Error - "The workstation driver is not installed"

Today when i tried to access a Sharepoint 2007 library from one of our remote servers using the UNC path (Path - \\SharePointSite\sites\Library\Folder) i got this beautiful error. "Network name cannot be found" A little research lead to the perfect solution to the above. All you have to do is Enable the web client service on your server which is trying to access the UNC path. So i did that and it was a happy world.... for a while I again ran into an issue after a while (actually after enabling and disabling the web client service a few times). Even when the web client was enabled,i started getting a new error "The workstation driver is not installed" But the solution was rather simple .. just restart the Web Client service and its mrxdav driver. How to do that - Open the command prompt and run the following commands on the server one row at a time net stop webclient net stop mrxdav net start mrxdav net start webclient


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