Sharepoint 2013 What's new for Content Authors

SharePoint is a tool to manage and Share Content across the company. New and Improved ways to manage Content is always welcome by Content authors. Here is the list of some cool Content Management Enhancements that have been done in the new SharePoint 2013.

Improved Cut and Paste from Word –

A lot of Content Authors prefer to Copy and Paste Content from applications like MS Word into one of the Text Fields say blog post description field or Content Editor WebParts.This was not entirely supported earlier as the formatting of the content would not remain the same. In SharePoint 2013 however Microsoft has improved this aspect and the Content authors get somewhat similar formatting that they have in their Word documents.

IFrame Support - Another big Enhancement is the Inline support for Iframes. Now you can use Iframes in any text field Content Editor,Script Editor or even in a blog post Description Field. Iframes are often used to display third party content and it is widely used in earlier versions of SharePoint as well. I SharePoint 2013 however there is governance piece to it as well. Any external domains that will be Inserted in Iframe should be added as approved domains in “HTML Field Security”.By default, certain trusted external domains are already approved for use in iframes.Site collection administrators can customize the field security settings by changing the default trusted external domains. See the example of using Iframe with How to add a Youtube video in SharePoint 2013

Embed Documents\Images\Videos on Page - Now you can embed documents, Videos and Images on the SharePoint page itself with the Embed code available for each of them. Embedding a Word document on a SharePoint page is a wonderful reading experience for SharePoint end users or visitors. check out the detailed example on how to do this at SharePoint 2013 – How to Embed a Word document in your Site Page and check the example about Add\Embed Video to SharePoint 2013 site page

Content Search Web part (CSWP) – In SharePoint 2013 Microsoft has Introduced Content Search Web Part that queries against the search Index to display results based on a search query. Content Search Web Part displays search results in a way that you can easily format.It returns Content that is as fresh as the latest crawl of your content, so if you crawl often, the content that the CSWP returns is more up-to-date than if you crawl infrequently. This WebPart is of great benefit to Content Authors. Here is the list of things you can do with this webpart.
* Content Roll-up (Can roll-up content from all over the farm)
* Analytics (Web Analytics has been Replaced with this WebPart)
* Display Templates (Template to modify Search results)
* Can Search Current Navigation Category as part of the query

Image renditions - Image renditions let you display different sized versions of an image on different pages. When you create an image rendition, you specify the width and height for all images that use that image rendition. For example, if the site has a news article page layout that contains an image field, you can create an image rendition named Article_image to display the full-sized image in the article page.

Cross-site Publishing Cross-site Publishing is giving you the ability to display content in one or more publishing site collections. You can also designate any library or list as a catalog, enabling content to be reused on publishing site collections. One of the biggest benefits are that when you change the content in an authoring site collection, those changes are displayed on all site collections that are reusing this content.

Related Items – A new Column type “Related Items” has been Introduced in SharePoint 2013. This is a very useful column from Business prospective. After you Create an Item you can simply add a reference to another Item or a document in any List\Library as a related entity to this Item using Related Items column.Read the entire example at SharePoint 2013 – Related Items Site Column


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