SharePoint 2013 - How to add Videos in Blog Posts

Adding Videos in Blog Posts has been challenging in past. In SharePoint 2013 however things has changed.

With the Introduction of “Digital Asset Content Types” (Audio, Video, Image and more..)” in SharePoint 2013, now you can add Documents,Videos,Audios and Images in any Rich Text Field area directly from the Insert tab in Ribbon.

Did you ever struggle to add Videos, Audios and documents in the Blog post description or any other Rich Text Field? Worry no more.. adding these content types in the Rich text area (Body or description field) is as easy as uploding a simple document in a library.One of the great benefits of using the Inset tab is that you can either use these Images, Videos, Documents and Audio files from one of the existing libraries or can uploaded one from your computer directly which first gets uploaded to one the existing lists\libraries in your site before it gets referenced in your rich text field. For example in an Announcement Body field you can choose to add a document which you can upload in one of the existing libraries as well (right form the Add announcements screen itself).

Lets look at the example below

Browse the document that you need to add in the Rich Text Field (Body) area. Notice the drop-down with all the lists and libraries in the site. Select “documents” to upload the selected document in “Documents” library.

Next set the properties for the newly upload document.

And then you get the document visible in the Rich Text Field (body area)


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