How to use "Sync to SharePoint Workspace" Ribbon button SharePoint 2010

Sync to SharePoint Workspace creates a local, synchronized copy of a SharePoint library. Sync to SharePoint Workspace also appears in the Library tab ribbon. To use it:

  1. Select a SharePoint site library anc click the Library tab.
  2. Click Sync to SharePoint Workspace. This
    lets you connect to a SharePoint site library and download all or selected library contents to a local workspace that's created on the spot when you use the command.

You can use the File Open and Save As commands in an Office application (such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) to open or save documents in the Workspaces folder, similar to the way you can with Connect to Office. The Workspaces folder appears under the application collection in the File list. Because you work on local copies of the documents, you can continue updating them even when you don't have a live connection to the SharePoint site. You can work offline. And when you reconnect, your local copy synchronizes with the library copy so the latest version is soon available in your workspace and in the library. You can find your SharePoint workspaces and all synchronized site documents in the SharePoint Workspace launchbar.
Benefits - If you need to work on SharePoint site library documents even when offline, Sync to SharePoint Workspace is for you because it copies selected library documents to your local computer, where you can work on any of the downloaded library documents anytime, anywhere. Choosing to work locally can be a special boon when you want to avoid slow-downs due to heavy network traffic or poor connectivity. And if the library supports document versions, the SharePoint Workspace ribbon offers check-in and check-out commands as well.


Note: Sync to SharePoint Workspace requires that you have the SharePoint Workspace client application running on your computer. This application is included with Office 2010 Professional Plus but you may need to contact your administrator to enable it on your computer.

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