Disable Quick editing and Select Item(Checkmarks) in SharePoint 2013

Disable Quick Editing -

Quick Edit is the Option in Lists which when selected can set your current View in the Edit mode or Datasheet mode for editing List Items.

edit this list

To remove the “edit this list” simply click on List tab and select List Settings.

List Settings

Next Select Advanced settings in List Settings.

Advanced Settings

In Quick Edit select “No” in ‘Allow items in this list to be edited using Quick Edit?’

Quick Edit

Resulting List

Disable Selection or Checkmarks -

To Remove the Check marks that Selects an Item in a Listview Webpart - This can simply be done by a unchecking “Allow individual item checkboxes” in the current View of the Listview Webpart. Just to be clear we are talking about checkmarks in the below screen

To disable or Remove them you need to Modify the Current View by selecting “Modify View” in the ribbon or “Current View” in Edit Webpart properties.

Click on Modify View in “Library” tab in the Ribbon.

In the View towards middle expand “Tabular View” and uncheck Checkbox next to “Allow individual item checkboxes”.


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