Create a new Wiki Page Content Type in SharePoint 2013

This new Wiki Page Layout can be set as default for Creating Wiki Pages in a Wiki Site.

Lets look at the Steps to Create a new Custom Wiki Page Layout and set it as a default for Creating Wiki Pages in a Wiki Site.

1. Create a Custom Wiki Page Layout – To Do this first navigate to Site Settings (settings wheel) -> Design Manager.

SharePoint 2013 Design Manager

2. In Design Manager select “6. Edit Page Layouts” and then “Create a page layout”

SharePoint 2013 Create Layout Page

3. Next in “Create a Page Layout” popup add a name of the new Custom Layout Page and Select Master Page that you are using on the site. Select “Enterprise Wiki Page” as the Parent Content Type and click Ok.

SharePoint 2013 Create New Layout Page

Once the Layout page is Created it gets added in Design Manager and Master Page gallery as a Draft Version.See below
SharePoint 2013 Custom Wiki Page Layout

Since this new Layout is inheriting fields form Enterprise Wiki Page, it still has Rating & Categories added to it.

4. Next to Remove Page Rating & Categories from the new Wiki Page type Layout that we just created, navigate to the Master Page gallery of your site.

5. In SharePoint 2013 by default, for each Page Layout, two files – .aspx and html are Created (see below).

SharePoint 2013 Layout Pages

If you need to make any Changes to the Layout, you need to download the .html file of your layout page and make Changes to it.
In our case since we want to remove the Page Rating and Categories Control we will download the .html file of our new Page layout to remove the unwanted controls from it.

To Download the html file (in the master page gallery) select the ECB menu of your Custom Layout page’s html and Download a Copy. See screen below

SharePoint 2013 Download as Copy

6. Once you have downloaded the Page Open it in a Notepad and look for the “Rating” div. Select and remove Divs that you do not need. See the selected divs as you see in the screen below and delete them.

SharePoint 2013 Custom PageLayout

Once done editing save and upload the notepad (html file) in the master page gallery.

7. Lastly, publish the Html Page to make it available for the sites to use. See screen below.

SharePoint 2013 Publish as Major Version

The new Layout is ready to be used but to make it available in the Wiki Site, we need to add it in allowed Page Layouts in “Page layouts and site templates” in the Wiki Site’s Site settings.

8. Navigate to the Wiki Site -> Site Settings. Select “Page layouts and site templates” under Look and Feel.
SharePoint 2013 Page layouts and site templates

9. In “Page layouts and site templates” page under “Page Layouts” section the select the newly Created Wiki Layout and add it to the box on the right under “Pages in this site can only use the following layouts:”. You can also set this a default layout for when you Create wiki page using “Add a Page” in site Setting menu. See below.

SharePoint 2013 Page Layout & default Page SharePoint 2013

Once your are done save the settings.

10. Finally, test the new Layout by Creating a new Wiki page using “Add a Page” from the Settings menu (see screen below). The new Wiki Page should be Created Without ratings & categories on the right.
SharePoint 2013 Add a Page

SharePoint 2013 Page name

New Wiki Page -
SharePoint 2013 Wiki Page Without Ratings


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