Add Security Trimming in Master Page in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 the new Snippet Gallery provides an easy way to get Codes for very useful SharePoint Out-of-box Controls like Navigation,Security Trimming Control,Edit Panel Control,Search,Device Channel and more. For a typical Master Page you can add Snippets for the following -
"Master Page Snippets SharePoint 2013"
Navigation - The navigation snippets provide common navigation links and menu items on a site page.
  • Top Navigation : The navigation snippets provide Top Navigation links.
  • Vertical Navigation : The navigation snippets provide Left Navigation links
  • Search Box: Place the search box component on your page to allow users to search your site
Administration –
  • Site Title : This is a ‘Site Title’ Control which users with administrative permissions can change in Site Settings.
  • Site Logo : This is a ‘Site logo’ Control which users with administrative permissions can change in Site Settings.
  • Sign In : Only authenticated users can see the ribbon. To give anonymous users a way to log into your site, insert the sign in snippet, which authenticated users won’t see.
Containers –
  • Edit Mode Panel :To display content, including snippets, to contributing site authors only, place it inside an Edit Mode Panel. (For example, an Edit Mode Panel might contain instructions and notes for page authors.)
    • Show Only in Edit Mode
    • Show Only in Regular Mode
  • Security Trim :To display content only to those users who have a specified level of security permissions, you can use a Security Trim Control.
    •         Show to Authors
    •         Show to Authenticated Users
    •         Show to Administrators
  • Device Channel Panel : A Device Channel Panel displays the content defined within it to one or more specified Device Channels. Device Channel Panels are typically used on Page Layouts to selectively hide certain regions and functionality from or show them to specified channels, and define channel-specific CSS.
Web Parts  -
Media and Content –
  • Media Web Part
  • Content Editor
  • Get started
  • Image Viewer
  • Page Viewer
  • Picture Library
  • Script Editor
  • Silverlight Web Part
"Media and Content"

Dynamic Content –
  • Content Query
  • Summary Links
  • Table of Contents
  • Timeline
  • Relevant Document
  • XML Viewer
  • Term Property
  • Rss Viewer
  • Sites in Category
  • Categories
"dynamic content"

Other WebParts –
Other webparts snippets

Custom ASP.NET Markup -
If you have any ASP.NET elements you’d like to include that aren’t available in the Snippet Gallery, paste the markup for those elements into the text box below, click the Update button, and paste the resulting HTML Snippet into your page.


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