SharePoint 2013 The new "Push notifications"

New feature "Push notifications" has been introduced in SharePoint 2013,with which users can now receive notifications from a SharePoint site about events that occur in the site, such as when a user adds an item to a list or updates an item.

For mobile devices to receive these notifications, device applications must register with a SharePoint site. Once the device is registered, you can write event handler code to interact with Microsoft Push Notification Service or notification services of other mobile device platforms.
Notifications are sent from the server where the application is hosted to the registered mobile device application.

Using the Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS), Windows Phone apps can receive notifications through the Internet of events triggered on Microsoft SharePoint Server. The phone app doesn't have to poll the server for changes to, for example, the items in a list on which the phone app is based. The app can be registered to receive notifications from the server, and an event receiver can initiate a notification and send it to the receiving app for handling. The push notification is relayed to Windows Phone devices by MPNS.


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