What are Site feeds in SharePoint 2013

Site feeds provide newsfeed functionality to a specific group of users. Site feeds are available on team sites. When planning to use site feeds on your team sites in SharePoint Server 2013 , the web application that contains the team sites must exist in the same server farm as the web application that hosts the My Site host site collection.

In SharePoint Server 2013, we recommend that the same service account be used for both the My Site host web application and the web application hosting the team sites.

Additionally, the My Site host site collection must be a SharePoint Server 2013 My Site host, and the user must have a SharePoint Server 2013 My Site to use the site feed feature.

Consider enabling Self Service Site Creation on the web application that contains the team sites so that users can easily create team sites from their My Site. In a SharePoint Server 2013 Preview deployment where users only use About Me pages and do not have My Sites, site feeds are still available to users.

When an administrator upgrades team sites from SharePoint Server 2010, they must activate site feeds on the upgraded team site by first enabling the Following Content feature on the team site, and then enabling the Site Feeds feature on the team site. Following entities and seeing posts from Site Feeds are then available to the user.


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