SharePoint deisgner 2013 - How to move list workflow as WSP package from Development to Production.

A post about how to move list workflow as WSP package using SharePoint deisgner 2013. 

Before you go through the steps please Note - The solution will be properly deployed as long as the target site has the necessary lists – lists that are used in the workflow logic along with the Workflow Task and Workflow History lists. But it is best to create the lists and list columns referenced in the workflow using the same list template and same field type. If there is a type mismatch, the package can fail during the feature activation time or the workflow will fail at runtime.

Steps -

1. To package the list workflow, go to the workflow summary page and click the ‘Save as Template’ button in the Ribbon.

2. The wsp is saved in ‘Site Assets’  library. You can find ‘Site Assets’ library in the Navigation pane and you can find the list workflow package in it. (You may need to refresh the page to see the package.) or Use the ‘Export File’ Ribbon button to save it to the local machine.

3. Deploying WSP package - You must upload it to ‘Solutions’ library under ‘Web Designer Galleries’ group in Site Settings.

4. Then, you will be prompted with a dialog where you need to activate the package(solution).

5. Activate the Feature -  Now you can see a New site feature in ‘Manage site features’ under ‘Site Actions’ of Site Settings.

7. You can find this workflow by the name you used when you packaged it. Click the ‘Activate’ button and wait until the button changes to ‘Deactivate’ or the ‘Active’ icon is shown, which will mean that the feature is activated.

Use this workflow in the list that you had in development enviornment.


Anonymous said...

How can I update workflow in production if i change workflow in test?

Quentin Maurice said...

So, 1st you've to re-creaite List ?

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