SharePoint 2013 - Now Easy Content Management

Some of the Improvements in the area of Content Management that Microsoft has made in the new SharePoint 2013 version are :

Preview Content - A very powerful preview feature has been Introduced where you can see Preview of each document that you upload in SharePoint 2013 document library.

Digital Asset Content Types (Audio, Video Content Types) - In SharePoint 2013 MS has introduced a new set of content types called “Digital Asset Content Types” for better use of Audio, Video, Images as Web content. These content types can be added to any library and be used as a one of the items\files.

Embed Docuemnts\Images\Videos - Now you can embed documents, Videos and Images on the page itself with the Embed code available for each of them.

Insert an IFrame in HTML field (Content Editor, Description Field) - In SharePoint 2013 admins can now Insert an iframe element into an HTML field like Content editor webpat on a page. This will let users Embed dynamic content from other sites, such as videos or map directions on any SharePoint site page.

Image renditions - Image renditions let you display different sized versions of an image on different
pages. When you create an image rendition, you specify the width and height for all images that use that image rendition. For example, if the site has a news article page layout that contains an image field, you can create an image rendition named Article_image to display the full-sized image in the article page.


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