Compatibility SharePoint 2013 and HTML5

SharePoint 2013 is now fully Compatibility with HTML5. One of the biggest proves is the new Channels. With Channels you can design different views (look and feel) for differrent devices that the SharePoint sites will be viewed on. Use of SharePoint site on Mobile devices such as iPods and Smart Phones is common and now available in SharePoint 2013 is different Views for these devices which have been built using HTML5.

This should ensure that this will work on practically any device and will be optimised for most Mobile Browsers (Mobile IE9, Windows Phone 7.5, Safari, and Android). Office Web Apps also mean that documents and files should open on all of these, with no requirement to have Office installed on the device.


Jimmy Jarred said...

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Yes it is compatible with HTML5. Not only this there are several other reasons because of which SharePoint solutions have gained so much popularity in such a short period of time.

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