Show Bing Maps in SharePoint 2013 list

SharePoint 2013 Introduces a new field type named Geolocation that
can show Bing maps instead of location entered in list item.

How does it work -

In columns of type Geolocation, you can enter location information
as a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees or
retrieve the coordinates of the user’s current location from the browser.

Code Example- 
oGeolocationValue.Latitude = (double)17.4;
oGeolocationValue.Longitude = (double)78.4;
oListItem["location"] = oGeolocationValue;

Prerequisites -

SQLSysClrTypes.msi must be installed on every SharePoint front-end web
server to view the geolocation field value or data in a list. You should be member
of the Farm Administrators group to perform this operation.

A valid Bing Maps key set at the farm or web level, which can be
obtained from the Bing Maps Account Center.

How to Create a Geolocation column in the list -

The Geolocation column is not available by default in SharePoint lists.
To add the column to a SharePoint list, you have to write code.
In this article, learn how to add the Geolocation field to a list programmatically
by using the SharePoint client object model.

class Program { static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("Location field added successfully");
private static void AddGeolocationField()
// Replace site URL and List Title with Valid values.
ClientContext context = new ClientContext("");            
List oList = context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(""); o
List.Fields.AddFieldAsXml("",true, AddFieldOptions.DefaultValue);            


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