SharePoint 2013 How to add Video to SharePoint Page

In SharePoint 2013  you can simply add a video to your Site Asserts library and then add that to your SharePoint page.

Create an Asserts library

1. Navigate to Site Contents and click on “add an app”.

2. Click on Asserts Library and give it a name. We call it Video Library.

Once created Click on the new library -

Upload Videos to Asserts library

3. Next click on “new Item” to Upload Video in this library.

4. Upload a Video – We download a sample Microsoft Video and uploaded it into this library.

5. Once the video is uploaded you will be in Video item’s edit properties page. Notice the option “Change thumbnail”. This is to upload a Video thumbnail either from Video or from your Computer.

6. Change Thumbnail – Once you click on change thumbnail you have the following options –

Lets look at how to capture a screenshot from the video – Play the video and click on the “Capture Thumbnail” on the top of the video.

Other Video Properties –

Once save the Video will be uploaded to Site Asserts library.

Click on Thumbnail video and you should see the Video page.


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Add\Embed Video to SharePoint 2013 site page

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