Add Audio and Video in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 you can add Audio and Video Scripts directly on the page using the "Script Editor".

Adding Video -

Navigate to the site library where you added the video and click on video thumbnail.In the view Video page click on the code icon to get the Video embed code.See the below screens -

This is the Embed code page that you get. Copy the below embed code.

Next we will add this code in "Script Editor" webpart to display this video on the page.
1. Create a SharePoint Page and Edit it.
2. Click on Insert tab to Insert "Script Editor" Webpart.

3. Next click on Embed Code in Insert Ribbon tab and add the copied Video code to it.

This is how it looks like -

Add an Audio file in SharePoint 2013 -

SharePoint 2013 now has a Content type for Audio,Video,Image and more these are called "Digital Asset Content Types". You can use these content types as you use any other the only thing is that these content types has its own set of Site columns that are specif to these types.
In this post we will see how to add a Audio file in a SharePoint 2013 site and then add it to a page.

Steps -

1. Naviagate to your library where you want to upload the Music file.
2. Add a Audio Content type in your library.
3. You either add your New Audio file by "New Document" or Drag and drop the music file in your library.
This is how it gets Added

If you Noticed the Preview pane you have Full Screen, Embed Code and Play buttons.

4. Get the Embed Code to this Music file to add to a new page.

Copy the embed code and we add add to a Script Editor WebPart on any SharePoint page.


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