Deploy aspx Page in LAYOUTS SharePoint 2010

Steps to add custom aspx page in _layouts folder in SharePoint 2010 -
1. Open the Visual studio and create an empty project “DeployAspxToLayouts”.

2. Next, select “Deploy as Farm solution”.

3. Next, right click on the Project and add navigate to “Add -> SharePoint “Layouts” Mapped Folder”. See the screen below

4. Once you add that, you will have a Layouts folder structure in your project. Next we will add our custom aspx page(existing or new) to the Layouts folder that got created in our project. For this example i am creating a new aspx file and adding it to my custom folder i.e. “DeployAspxToLayouts” which i created under my Layouts folder.

5. So to add a new aspx page, Right click on your custom folder “DeployAspxToLayouts” and click on “Add -> New Item”. Next, In Add new item menu under “General” tab select “Text file” and rename it. See the Screen below

6. Now your Project should look something like below.

Also, in the above screen verify the “Deployment Path” (from “MyCustomPage.aspx” -> Properties) in the Properties window.

7. Next, In solution explorer right click the Project and Build & Deploy.

8. Once it is deployed successfully, navigate to your 14 hive folder and verify that you have a new folder “DeployAspxToLayouts” created with our custom page MyCustomPage.aspx in it.


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