Create JavaScript Tooltip in DataView\ListView SharePoint WebPart

I had a requirenment to display a little tooltip like pop-up on mouseover(hoverover) of the Links(Single LineText) displayed using a DataView WebPart.The tooltip would contain description of the Link again puled in from the List.

Something like:
"Send Us Feedback" is a Title(named as Links) in the List and "Tell us what you think.." is Links description.
To do this we need to add a CSS for creating a tooltip in DataView's XSLT.
The List that I used had following columns:
1. Links
2. Descriptions
3. URL for the Link.

In Data view XSLT header put the following CSS for creating a tooltip pop-up

Refer the CSS class "link" to make a pop-up with description(defined in span)

So you get the POP-UP Now.
Another requirenment was to open up the Link("Send us the feedback" in this case) in a New window. The Url for new window is also pulled in from same List.
This is done by using the below code:


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